Our Companies


The DB Group is one of the largest salt producers in Southern Africa and for over 40 years have supplied salt to various industries throughout Africa. A wide range of products are sent from Brandvlei, Prieska, Upington and Namibia while our head office is based in Cape Town. Saltcor is also a well-known trademark in certain African markets while Seepo and Salpura household and table salt brands are distributed through various retail outlets.


(SINCE 1975)


At Saltcor we produce a number of salt products across many locations in Southern Africa; distributing these throughout Africa and beyond.

With roots firmly established in the Brandvlei and Upington region, Saltcor is not only an important contributor to the local economy but also involves itself in the upliftment of the local communities through various social investment projects.



At Royal Salt we primarily distribute various bulk household salt products in the Western Cape region; supplying the agricultural, fishing, spice and other industries. We offer a private label packaging service for various retail companies throughout Southern Africa and is responsible our family’s own product ranges like Royal and Seepo.



Our African Salt Works business plays a major role in the export of salt products to various African countries.

We hold extensive expertise in all export requirements and are responsible for shipments to West and East African ports by sea from Walvis Bay (Namibia) and Cape Town or via rail or road to inland destinations throughout Africa. Our new warehouse and distribution centre in Edenvale, also means that we deliver a vast array of salt products in Gauteng and neighbouring provinces.



At Salpura we offer a complete salt refining, packaging and distribution service to the rest of The Donal Brown Group and third-party outlets. We also supply salt to a wide range industries from Agriculture and Retail to Industrial and Water Treatment.