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Ranking as one of South Africa's largest privately owned salt producers, Saltcor first started business near Brandvlei in the North-Western Cape in 1975. Saltcor is established as a leading producer of Industrial, Agricultural and Household salt for the South African and export markets.

Upington and Brandvlei are situated in a geographic region where climatic conditions for producing salt is ideal. The underground saline water supply in this region yields salt of exceptionally high quality.

Our roots are firmly established in the Brandvlei and Upington region. Saltcor is not only an important contributor to the local economy of Brandvlei and Upington with over 200 employees, but is also an important work supplier on which many local families depend. Saltcor, as a responsible member of the Brandvlei and Upington communities, involves itself in activities such as the sponsorship of communal sporting activities.

Through astute management, and the adoption of modern practices and technology on par with those of the largest salt producers, Saltcor has established itself as a reliable producer of industrial, agricultural and domestic salt. Saltcor is also in the enviable position of being able to guarantee continuity of supply throughout the year to its many loyal and long-standing customers.

The increase (18 000 tons in 1975) in the annual tonnage that Saltcor produces and rails today is a tribute to the cautious but well-managed and controlled growth of the company over the years.

During the time when South Africa faced intensive international isolation, sanctions and boycotts, Saltcor was able to develop valuable export markets in D.R.C., Zambia, Angola, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, playing its part as a net earner of precious foreign exchange - a source of modest pride to the company. These customers remain loyal to Saltcor to this day. It is a tribute to Saltcor's commitment to quality of both product and service.

Clearly, it is an expensive capital-intensive, highly corrosive operation, and, given that salt remains a relatively inexpensive commodity, salt production requires ingenuity and skilful financial management in order for the producer to survive. That Saltcor has acquired these skills is evident from its long standing as a producer.

Saltcor is in the salt "mining", processing and distribution industry with a BEE level 2 rating.

The Saltcor product range varies from coarse to ultra-fine salt, and covers a wide spectrum of uses such as industrial, agricultural and household. The salt is sold in pre-packed form from 500g to 50kg bags or in canisters and grinders. Saltcor also supplies rock-salt.

Description of Competitive Edge
Saltcor is committed to service excellence and quality. Donald Brown personally manages all operations. The company maintains a high degree of flexibility that enables it to adapt to specific customer needs and requirements.

Despite these and many other "extras" provided for the benefit of its customers - and despite the fact that the company is located in a relatively remote region, substantial distances from the main centres of industry and commerce - Saltcor's prices remain competitive and reasonable.

In undertaking to guarantee continuity of supply, Saltcor has deliberately adopted a single-minded customer focus and approach, and adheres to the strongest conviction that, loyalty is mutually productive and beneficial to itself and its customers.

Thus the company will go out of its way to accommodate the specific needs of its customers in its ongoing efforts to provide a service beyond the customer's expectations. (Split Loads)

Service is important, price is not the edge. Saltcor, a company worth its salt, and more.




Contact Details

28 Trans Oranje Street
Tygerberg Business Park
Parow East 7510

Tel: +27(0) 21 951 6501
Fax: +27(0) 21 951 6501


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